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Creating Luminous Spaces: Nature of the Five Elements

With Maureen Calamia

June 25 - 27, 2017

Join us in this experiential workshop that builds on the Re-Nature Feng Shui philosophy: the human-nature connection, earth energies, psychology and transcendental practice. We will dive into the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) of Feng Shui and Eastern philosophy. The Five Elements are within us and everything in the natural world. How we relate to each Element and its presence in our lives shapes our stories.

We will work on a deep level with each Element in nature and within us. At this workshop you will learn:

  • How to Identify with your Element
  • What you need for greater balance and support in your life
  • How you can help others recognize their Element for greater balance
  • Sink into a deeper intuitive knowing through connection to the natural world
  • How to ask for messages and “hear” them for clear guidance in your life
  • Learn how to refresh yourself and raise your consciousness and light

We will have solo journeys, groups discussions, connecting to earth energies with dowsing and ritual, as well as powerful meditations. Learn how to work with the Elements to help increase your balance and harmony – to raise your consciousness and light.

No prior training required.

Workshop Schedule

3 – 6pm  Check-in/ free time
6 – 7pm Dinner
7:30pm  Orientation & Discussion – Elements


7am Meditation
8 – 9am Breakfast
9 – 12pm Discussion – Elements
12 – 1pm Lunch
1-2pm Solo in nature
2 – 6pm Earth & Water energies -Dowsing, discussion, connection
6 – 7pm Dinner
7:30pm Fire Meditation & Ritual


7am Meditation
8 – 9am Breakfast
9 – 10am Solo in nature
10-12pm Discussion, Prep & Ceremony
12-1pm Lunch

For more information about Maureen visit www.luminous-spaces.com.

About the Leader


Maureen Calamia

Maureen is founder of the Re-Nature Feng Shui Training Program and has taught a feng shui certification program since 2009. She has been hailed as “an AMAZING teacher” – giving to her students on every level.  She is passionate about the human-nature connection and feels that the ancient art of Feng Shui is more relevant […]

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