Kalachakra Study & Practice Intensive Retreat 2017 NY

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  • Deluxe Queen – $1,135.00
  • Private Queen – $1,015.00
  • Private Queen Shared Bath – $985.00
  • Deluxe Double - Shared bath (Shared Room) – $835.00
  • Deluxe Quad (Shared Room) – $790.00
  • Standard Single – $776.00
  • Standard Double (Shared Room) – $628.00
  • Standard Quad (Shared Room) – $601.00
  • Camping – $506.50
  • Commuter – $479.50
Please note that rates include Meals, Accommodations and Program Tuition.

Kālachakra Study & Practice Intensive

With Robert AF Thurman, Kim Desrosiers, Michael G. Burbank and Michele Loew

July 23 - 26, 2017

For the first time ever, Robert Thurman is offering a special Kālachakra Tantra study and practice intensive this July, for all those who have participated in a Kālachakra Initiation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, taking the requisite lay, bodhisattva, and tantric vows, and who are interested in deepening their understanding and practice of the Kālachakra Tantra. Thurman has attended over a dozen Kālachakra initiations and has led small groups through the complex initiation process conferred by the Dalai Lama, shedding light on its underlying philosophy and its complex symbolism.

Having been preserved for centuries in the fabled kingdom of Shambhala, the Kālacakra Tantra is an Unexcelled Yoga Tantra system of teachings which is believed to originate directly from Shakyamuni Buddha and which revolves around the concept of cycles (chakra) of time (kāla), from the cycles of the planets and the outer world to the cycles of human breathing and our physical-spiritual development. It teaches the practic
e of working with the most subtle energies within one’s mind and body on the path to enlightenment, through famously complex deity yoga which helps practitioners with a basic understanding of emptiness dissolve their ordinary sense of self and re-create themselves in the ideal form of the Kālacakra deity pair in union who represent omniscient Buddhahood–the union of great bliss and the wisdom perceiving emptiness. Since Kālacakra
is created of time and everything manifest is under the influence of time, Kālacakra Buddha is experiential knowledge of all manifest reality. Vishvamata, his spiritual consort and complement, is aware of all that is timeless, not time-bound, or out of the realm of time. In yab-yum union, they are temporality and atemporality conjoined and represent the full glory of the ultimate nature of reality, compassionately abiding in a vast multidimensional mandala rich with symbolic meaning.


In this first Kālachakra retreat, we will work in several sessions a day with a short traditional Kalachakra sadhana, used by Tibetan monks, as the focus of our daily practice sessions, incorporating time for ex
tensive mantra accumulation. Dr. Thurman will focus discussion and contemplation-based lectures on unpacking the Initiation Chapter of the
Abridged Kalachakra Tantra, with detailed textual study to enrich our remembrance of our experience of the initiation and of entering the mandala and beholding Kalachakra-Vishvamata. Afternoons will include break time for optional yoga classes, spa treatments, nature walks, and further conversation among fellow students. The retreat will conclude with an instructional fire puja. Bring your own vajra, bell, damaru, and inner offering vessel (ritual skullcup).

Join us in the breathtaking hidden mountain valley of Tibet House’s Menla retreat and spa, for this special intensive, a personally transformative and very inspiring retreat intended to help initiates, from total novices to more advanced practitioners, deepen their connection to, their understanding of, and ultimately their embodiment of the magnificent reality of Kālachakra-Vishvamata.


Sunday July 23rd

3 – 8pm Check-In
4 – 6pm Welcome & Intro to the Sadhana Practice
6 – 7pm Dinner
7:30pm Introduction Discussion and Textual Study

Monday July 24th – Tuesday July 25th

6:30 – 8am Sadhana Practice
8 – 9am Breakfast
9:15 – 10:15am Mantra Recitation
10:30am – 12pm Textual Study and Discussion of Initiation Chapter or Sadhana Practice
12 – 1pm Lunch
1 – 4pm Free time (Spa, Hiking, etc)
1:15 – 2:15pm Optional Student Discussion Group with Q&A (led by Michael & Kim)
2:30 – 3:30pm Optional Yoga
4 – 6pm Textual Study of Initiation Chapter
6 – 7pm Dinner
7:15pm Sadhana Practice & Mantra Recitation

Wednesday July 26th

6:30 – 8am Sadhana Practice
8 – 9am Breakfast
9:15 – 10:15am Mantra Recitation
10:30am – 12pm Textual Study and Closing Discussion
12 – 1pm Lunch & Check-out
1:30 – 3:30pm Closing Fire Puja

Note: Schedule is subject to change at anytime





About the Leaders

Robert AF Thurman

Robert AF Thurman

Robert Thurman is Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University as well as co-founder and President of Tibet House U.S. and its Menla retreat and spa in service of H. H. the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet. A close friend of the Dalai Lama’s for over 50 years, he is a leading world-wide […]

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Kim Desrosiers at Menla in Phoenicia, New York

Kim Desrosiers

Kim Desrosiers is a student of Dr. Thurman, accompanying him to India for two Kālachakra initiations with H.H. the Dalai Lama.  She has also studied under Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Her Eminence Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche, and has taught Tibetan Buddhism and meditation to prisoners through Liberation Prison Project, and to children, teenagers, and adults throughout the […]

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Michael G Burbank at Menla in Phoenicia, New York

Michael G. Burbank

Michael G. Burbank first began studying with Robert Thurman at Columbia University in 1999. In early 2002 he was invited to help the Thurmans and Tibet House staff launch Menla. Over the years he served as dishwasher, housekeeper, maintenance assistant, groundskeeper, front desk attendant, Front of House Manager, Assistant Director, and since 2013 he has […]

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Michele Loew

Michele Loew has been a student and teacher of yoga since 1998, having studied extensively in the Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions. Having a strong understanding of biomechanics and anatomy, she is known for her keen observation and ability to guide a student towards aligning the physical and energetic body. She brings to her teaching a […]

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